Friday, November 14, 2014

Glyco Flex for Cats

Joint Support for Cats
My funny feline turned her nose up at these chews. To be honest, they really stank. However, I tried to give one to our Chihuahua after the cat refused it, and the dog loved it. She even begged for more.
I give this two stars, after all, the dog loved it.
And a thumbs up.

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Avery Pearlized Labels

Avery Pearlized Address Labels
Love these. Easy to get template online for printing perfectly.
 They are pearlized which gives them the right sheen for beautiful letter sending, and for crafting dozens of different things with.
 I give these labels five stars ...
...and a big thumbs up.

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Pure Protein Coconut Water

Pure Protein Coconut Water
Not a flavor I like, too floral with a hint of coconut, and a splash of citric. But if you need to increase your protein intake, it packs 10grams into each bottle.
I think I can stand the taste to get it down. Give this three stars, as I can receive the same amount of protein in a much more pleasant manner for myself.
And I do give it a thumbs up. Hey, if you need protein in a hurry, you could handle this one.

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Citrseal Frizz Solution

Frizz Solution

I am in love with Citrseal. Frizz Solution! I left it in, you can choose to rinse it out or leave in. My hair is coarse and gray. Nothing seemed to be helping my split ends until now. I have had to trim them off before, my hair is long. I put this on, left it, and my hair looks manageable and doesn't frizz!
 I am really in love with it.
I give it five stars

and a big thumbs up.
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Plum Organics tots mighty4 - essential nutrition bar

Plum Organics mighty4
essential nutrition bar
for tots
No tots in our house, but I tried one of these bars, and I have to tell you that your youngster will  LOVE these fruity flavored bars. Made with 4 food groups! whole grains, chia and yogurt, strawberry, and spinach so that you will know they are getting the most wholesome treat out there!
Each treat is 70 calories with 0 trans fat or saturated fat, 0 cholesterol, 50mg of sodium, total carbs are 12g.  Heck, you might want to get these fruity bars for yourself when you want just a bite or two of a snack!
I give this treat...
...Five Stars and...

...a Big THUMBS UP!
Highly recommended and taste tested! These are available on here.
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Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream

Juice Beauty
Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream
I love this hand cream! I work from home, and we have electric heat, so during these cold winter months, my hands become sore and chapped. I've been using this cream for about two weeks now, and have noticed that I no longer have chapped or sore hands!
I simply apply a small amount every time I wash my hands or do the dishes (no dishwasher here!) And it works! It really works.
Just a little dab will do you. My first application I put about a quarter size amount in my palm, and I thought I was going to hate it, because I felt greasy until the next hand washing, when I learned to apply between a dime size amount and a nickel size amount. It works in well, and leaves no greasy feeling afterward.
I give this...

...and a big THUMBS UP!
This product is available on Amazon here.
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