Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Zig Whey Protein

Tastes Great!

I am a diabetic and a dairy vegetarian, which means I get my protein where I can. This is the best tasting protein supplement I have seen so far! And I have tried several whey protein mixes, and drinks. This by far is the best! 

These pouches come with the mix in them, as well as a mixing mesh, to assure that everything gets mixed all the way. I love the chocolate flavor, and it was delish!. 

Simply add 6-ounces of water to the fill line, recap, and shake! The mixing mesh makes sure you don't get any lumps or clumps. The taste is chocolatey goodness. And you get 20g of protein!!! Which leaves you feeling fuller than most drinks. This has an amazing 140 calories per serving; 2g of fat; 11g of total carbs; and only 60mg of sodium. Absolutely great for the diabetic, the dieter, or the muscle builder. Why? It all comes together to build lean muscle mass. 

There are 6 pouches to a box.

I give this five stars 

and a great big thumbs up!

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