Monday, May 8, 2017

Blue Buffalo Homestyle and Family Favorites Recipes

Blue Buffalo Homestyle and Family Favorites Recipes

While the photo above shows the Homestyle Chicken Stew, I received the beef stew flavored pack.

I opened a bowl and set it down in front of my Chihuahua, who oddly enough doesn't eat dog food, only cat food. She went wild for it! Then the cat came forward, shoved the dog out of the way, and we nearly had a fight! I had to open a second bowl!

I have to tell you, when I opened the bowl up, it not only looked like homemade beef stew, but it smelled like it as well. You could see big chunks of beef and vegetables! It looked so good! And when I first gave it to my babies, I really thought I was doing a good thing.

Sadly enough, while it doesn't say anything about it on the container, my vet said it was obviously made for larger breeds of dogs. One bowl, and my poor Chihuahua had horrible diarrhea. And it wouldn't stop. Which is where the vet came in.

I was reprimanded for feeding my cat dog food. And for feeding my dog something that was made for a large breed of animal. So, while it might look good, and smell good, and your pet will most likely devour it as mine did, please purchase responsibly, and do not give this to small breed dogs, and definitely not to your feline baby either!

I take full responsibility for the fiasco, and cannot blame the product. The vet said it is a brand that she highly recommends, due to its natural ingredients.

With that said, and I have given my warning for small pets, I still give this product five stars,

and a big thumbs up.

You can find Blue Buffalo products on Amazon here.  It comes in these yummy palettes: Beef Stew, Braised Beef, Chicken Stew, Country Chicken, Lamb Stew, and Roast Turkey Dinner. Each bowl is a big 8-ounces. And a you receive a box of 8 bowls when you order. It retails for $24.60, plus shipping and handling.

****DISCLAIMER: The above product was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for a fair and impartial review. All opinions above are solely those of this blogs author.

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