Monday, May 8, 2017

Hyba Advanced Personal Cleansing Starter Kit

Hyba Advanced Personal Cleansing Starter Kit

Who knew that getting a really clean bum was so easy?

Well, along comes the Hyba Personal Cleansing system. This photo shows it with Hyba toilet tissue, but my kit came with Great Northern (a name we all know and trust) toilet tissue.

Just spritz a little cleanser on the tissue when wiping, and your tushy will feel fresh and clean!

The kit comes with a bottle of spritz cleanser, that you place in the wall, or floor, mounted holder. This allows for a pre-measured amount to be dispensed. Just enough to give you that really fresh  feeling!

The nickel finish  on the dispenser trim, and the floor stand, means it will blend in with your bathroom's d├ęcor. The weighted floor stand is perfect to sit beside the loo, especially if you rent where you don't want to use the wall mount.

I absolutely love the system! So much better than using wipes that may, or may not, be biodegradable. (I've had several clogged flushers from wipes that were supposed to be flushable, but in reality weren't!) With this system, you use a toilet tissue that is perfect for flushing.

I give this system five stars,

 a big thumbs up,

and my personal tushy recommendation!

 You can find the Hyba Advanced Personal Cleansing Starter Kit here. It retails for $39.99, and is eligible for free shipping and handling!

****DISCLAIMER: The product above was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for a fair and impartial review. the opinions above are solely those of this blogs author.

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