Monday, July 3, 2017

Instinct Grain Free Minced Natural Wet Cat Food by Nature's Variety

Instinct Grain Free Minced Natural Wet Cat Food by Nature's Variety 

Okay, so most of you know by now that I have this very finicky cat. She eats only one brand of wet cat food, and only one brand of dry cat food. As if that wasn't enough, my Chihuahua developed the same finicky-ness (okay, so I totally made up that word) for the exact same food!

When I received a case of this grain=free minced chicken recipe from Instinct, I figured I'd be donating a case of cat food to the animal shelter. Boy was I ever wrong! The case of cat food is gone, alright, but both pets ate it. And with gusto!

Inside each easy-open, little plastic up, is a ton of flavor. And kitty and dog alike loved it! They would gobble it up really fast, and then literally beg for more! I had to pacify them until time for the next meal! That's really how good this is!

There is a gravy over the minced meat, but not so much that the neat is lost in the gravy. There is WAY MORE meat than gravy, and I think that was the key to the pets loving it so much! It didn't have that funky cat food odor that a lot of cat foods have, either. (When it smells funky, you know what I mean, one whiff, and you know it's cat food! neither of my pets will eat it!)

I think it's time to order more! And you can order a case of 12-cups from Amazon for $21.48. And believe me, it's worth it! Your kitty will be begging for more!

I highly recommend this cat food.

I give this five stars,
and a big thumbs up!

******DISCLAIMER: This product was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for a fair and impartial review.


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