Saturday, March 25, 2017

Honeywell Dimmable Light Bulbs - 60 Watt Equivalent - Soft White Light (2700K) - 800 Lumens

Honeywell Dimmable Light Bulbs - 60 Watt Equivalent -  Soft White Light (2700K) - 800 Lumens - Energy Star Rating 9.5 Watt Consumption For Energy Bill Savings - 3-Pack

I am so excited about these fantastic light bulbs! First they are classic LED classic style bulbs, which means they use little energy. And saving energy is the name of the game these days! Next, these are equivalent to a 60-watt regular bulb. As you are aware, most ceiling lights require nothing over 60 watts. So another big plus. But what you may not realize until you see the package that these bulbs come in is this: they have an expected lifespan of 22.8 years. Yes, you read that correctly!!! 22.8 years! Over their lifetime they are expected to save you $138.88 from using regular bulbs! (Which, as you know, may need replacing as early as every 90-days!)

These bulbs are also dimmable, for those times when you want a romantic glow, or for those of you who prefer to watch television in a lower light, but not the dark (never watch horror movies in the dark! If you do, then you'll know why not to!)

They have a regular screw in base that makes changing bulbs a super easy task.

Okay, so what more can I say? Except, come back in 22 years and we'll check and see if my bulbs are still burning!

You can purchase these Honeywell bulbs HERE. They retail for $9.99 a package of three! (Yeah, you read that correctly! Much more economical than the other bulbs who can only expect to last half the lifetime of these! It's a win-win purchase!) I intend to change all the bulbs in my house to these!

I give these Honeywell bulbs five stars.

A big thumbs up!

And I highly recommend them for those who want to save energy and cost!

****DISCLAIMER: This product was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for a fair and impartial review.  The opinions above are solely those of this blog's author.

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