Saturday, March 25, 2017

InterDesign PVC-Free PEVA 10-Gauge Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Liner

InterDesign PVC-Free PEVA 10-Gauge Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Liner - 72" x 72", Clear

Another great InterDesign item up for review.

Let's face, no matter how many times you wash it, eventually your shower curtain liner wears out. Or it becomes musty, and may even harbor mold and germs!

I needed a new liner, my old one saw it's last days a long time ago, but I kept using it, because, well, it was simply easier to just let it keep hanging. (You'll understand one day when you get to be my ae and it hurts to raise your arms above your head. Stop snickering and let's get back to the review!)

This liner is comparable to many hotel and motel shower curtain liners. It is made from a heavy gauge, PVC-free material. It is clear, so you can see through it, and still be able to see your lovely outer curtain. Or, use it alone if you like. A little voyeurism perhaps? Great mold prevention built right into this liner. After your shower, close the curtain to let it air dry, once your curtain has dried, pull it open and let your shower or tub air dry. (That's my tip for preventing mold and mildew in the shower or tub!)

The curtain label states to clean simply wipe with a damp rag. Easy enough! And easy is what it's all about in my home! The easier to care for, the better it is, that's my motto!

Weights sewn into the bottom hem allow the curtain to hang straight, without any bunching up, like some light-weight curtain liners can do. And best of all, it won't stick to the outer curtain and cause it to ride up either! Your bath will never function any better!

This great shower curtain liner can be purchased HERE. And it retails for $19.99.i I hope this curtain liner does as well as my last!

I give this shower curtain liner five stars.

I also give it a big thumbs up.

And my personal recommendation.

****DISCLAIMER: This product was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for a fair and impartial review. The opinions above are solely those of this blog's author.

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