Saturday, April 29, 2017

Complete Nutrition Charge On Protein Bars

Complete Nutrition Charge On Protein Bars

I don't always get a chance to eat breakfast, especially since I'm not a morning person. So about 10:30, my morning coffee caffeine rush is gone, and I am getting hungry and run down. Let me tell you, these Charge On protein bars are great! I am soon back on my feet and up to my game!

Get for after workouts, too. 20g of Protein in each bar gets you reset fast! And at 210 calories, not too shabby!

You can purchase these bars here they are $20 for a box of 8 (or $2.50 each), well worth the reset value when you are tired after a workout!

These are naturally sweetened with only 5g of sugar. Are they vegan? Sorry, the ingredients doesn't tell you that.

I give these protein bars five stars,

and a big thumbs up.

Will I purchase again? Probably not, as I like to make my own natural protein bars so I can tell exactly what went into it.

****DISCLAIMER: This product was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for a fair and impartial review. All opinions above are solely those of the blogs author.

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