Monday, December 12, 2016

6-Foot Noble Fir

6-Foot Noble Fir

This is a lovely commercial photo of the $20 six-foot noble fir tree from the Family Dollar® store. It looks great! And for only $20, could you expect more?
This year I was in a pinch for decorations. During the June 23rd "Thousand Year Flood" that rocked our world, we lost almost every single piece of Christmas decorations. Including the only artificial tree I had bought, just last Christmas. It was a $200 tree, and was on sale for $80. I only settled for that because we couldn't find a live tree that I liked.

This year, starting over from scratch, I decided to go with a cheap artificial tree. The above comes from the Family Dollar website's Christmas Catalog. I knew that no matter how good they made the web tree look, the real deal would not compare.

However, with limited funds, I set out to try. We spent $20 for the tree, and my dear daughter added another $10 in white lights, as they didn't carry the pre-lit tree. She then used what ornaments we had managed to rescue from the flood, and here it is:

While this isn't the most flattering, (heck, I took the photo with my iPhone!), I hope you can see that the tree turned out very nice. There isn't a tree topper yet, another item that will probably cme from Family Dollar as well!

I am very pleased with this very, cheap, artificial tree for this Christmas. But as with any Pro, there must be a few Cons.

Be prepared to sweep up artificial pine needles as you decorate. They shed very badly! I suggest using longer hooks so that you can hang ornaments with a minimal of disturbance. Get the branches into shape with as minimal fuss as possible. Get the general shape, then fine tune it.

The tree is extremely light weight. If you have toddlers, a cat, or a playful dog, be prepared for the tree to be knocked over! Lucky for us, we have an old Chihuahua, and an older cat who doesn't seem fazed by the lights and bulbs. No toddlers.

I cut a tree skirt from a bolt of cloth that was a gift. Thankfully it doesn't ravel, and so all I did was cut a circle, with a slit up the back, to put around the tree base.

We will happily use this tree this year for our living room. However, when the season is done, just as with a real tree, this one will be taken to the curb. Hopefully the needles will stay intact that long!

For a single year solution, this can't be beat! And so I give this
Five Stars
and a 

Big Thumbs Up!
I also give this my personal

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