Saturday, December 31, 2016 and Santa Pants Bag

So, I don't know how many of you have discovered,, or, but they are truly wonderful! Most items save you big bucks! I've received several iPhone charge cords for a single dollar. Yes, a single dollar. And they work just as well as the ones I've purchased for $7.99 at the local big market store. (You which ones I'm talking about!)

There is a down side. That is that when it comes to clothing, you get what you pay for. Which is fine with me. I purchased a really nice, knit, backless summer dress that works nice as a sexy nightie, but which I wouldn't be caught dead in out of the house or if company comes!

And I've bought dozens of lovely pieces of jewelry. I have pierced ears, so I stocked up on all kinds of earrings. The only problem is that I do better buying the $5-$10 ones because they aren't hypoallergenic and I end up with infected ears if I wear them longer than 10-12 hours!

Almost all of the products come directly from China. They are sent from varying sellers. And remember, you get everything cheap. I did most of my Christmas shopping on! I simply purchased lovely little jewelry gift boxes for the necklaces and brooches I purchased. Everyone loved what I got them.

I did order a little Christmas fun, which just came in yesterday. They are Santa pants gift bags. I only purchased one, because I wanted to see how good or bad they were before I purchased more. I bought one of the bigger bags, which measures roughly 12"x13". . I ordered it back in October. And it came in December 30th. So, not much use for this year.

Santa Pants Gift Bag

They come smaller as well.

Remember I only paid $1.00 for the item, and $1.00 for the shipping. And it really is nice sized. (If you want something fast, this is definitely NOT where you want to purchase!)

However, the bag is constructed well enough, of red and white felt. It has a real vinyl belt with gold colored metal buckle. Really cute!

Here's the bag sitting on my keyboard.

Here you can see the felt suspenders.

So, why am I unhappy with the bag? The "legs" of the bag are sewn shut! There is an opening to fill the legs up, probably big enough to fit a small soda bottle in. So not completely useless. However, the legs are sewn not only together, but are sewn completely to the top of the bag!

If you are crafty, you could make them yourself, but it would probably cost you just as much to make as it did to buy. So, unless you have something large you want to put in the bag, it is useful enough.

Santa is about to pack it away with the decorations for next year, when I will probably fill the legs with florist foam, and make a Christmas floral decoration out of it. Or roll two Christmas hand towels and place on the vanity in the bathroom. Either would look cute.

I really can't say I'm unhappy with the purchase. Just can't use it for my original intent, which was to replace a stocking this year.

This is still cute. Just not practical.

I give it ...

...3 Stars

......a Thumbs Up!

DISCLAIMER: This item was a private purchase and as such did not require a review. The review above is the opinion of the author only and expresses a personal and non-biased review. You can purchase the above item HERE for $1 plus $1 shipping and handling each.

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