Friday, December 23, 2016

Zacro Dog Leak-Proof Waste Bags

Zacro Dog Leak-Proof Waste Bags

Perfect for the apartment or city dweller when the need to pick up doggy's little gifts are required.
The convenient capsule-shaped holder allows you to tear away one bag at a time. It comes with a large clasp at the end, which allows you to hang the bags from your belt loop, your shoulder bag, or tote bag. Pictured below is the holder, for size reference, showing just how discreet it really is!

The bag holder is the length of about 5 keyboard keys across. Discreet, and sanitary.

The holder comes with an amazing 150 bags! Enough to last you (your doggy) for many visits to the outdoors before the need to order refills arises.

I am, on the other hand, not in need of picking up my little doggy's doodoo's. But I do have a large cat, who goes to the bathroom frequently in her litter box. I use clumping litter, which means I can't simply flush it down the toilet. These bags are perfect for keeping the litter box clean! I love it! I simply hang the bag holder from a small hook on the wall above the litter box, and I have a disposal bag ready each time I go by.
My cat, Fred

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