Monday, December 12, 2016

Perfect Summer Tablecloth

The Perfect Summer Tablecloth

I absolutely adore this tablecloth! It is absolutely a must have for summer accessories! The polyester blend cloth measure 120-inches long by 60-inches wide. The perfect size for a large dining table (can seat up to 12!), or for up to two picnic tables placed end to end! Perfect for family reunions!

Because the cloth is a poly blend, it makes spills a breeze to wipe up. And stains are sprayed with your favorite stain treatment and washed as normal. They wash right out!

The cloth is perfect for informal dinners at home. Picnics in the park. Picnics on the sand at the beach! The cloth can even double as a blanket on the sand!

Love, love, love this tablecloth! I give it

Five Stars
and a

 Big Thumbs Up!

A highly
 Recommended Purchase.
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