Friday, December 23, 2016

Dr. Brown's Flexeese Ergonomic Teether

Dr. Brown's Flexees Ergonomic Teether

This teether is the perfect thing for baby's sore gums when teething. Simply pop it in the freezer for hot gums making baby fussy. The ergonomic shape means baby can grasb this ring from any side and easily control putting it in their mouth. Four edges provide little teething nubs to help baby bite down and push teeth through to the surface painlessly.  

Or the teether can be given to baby without going in the freezer first. It still provides a great teething experience for baby, and restless Mom's everywhere can now relax knowing that baby's little teeth will soon emerge from sore gums.

This teether is designed especially for biting, chewing, tongue exploration and speech development.

And it comes from Dr. Brown's. A name that's been a mother's friend for many years.

I give this

Five Stars 
and a big

Thumbs Up!
I also give it my

Recommendation Award.

DISCLAIMER:This product was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for an independent and non-biased review. The item can be purchased here. 


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