Monday, December 12, 2016

Parker Stainless Steel Pen

Parker Stainless Steel Pen

This is a beautiful Parker Pen®. The finish is a soft, elegant, stainless steel. The balance is perfect for writing lengthy letters or documents with. This is a medium point pen, and writes a true medium point, without blotches. The flow is perfect for a smooth writing experience.

This pen is perfect for the executive in your life.  It would make a beautiful presentation pen. A great gift for the graduate. Or a Christmas gift for the boss. Or simply a beautiful writing instrument for yourself. Impress your contacts with the finery! This arrives in a nice gift box.

Parker® is a trade name that means luxurious quality, and has been since 1888. It's a name you can depend on and trust!

I give this pen  five stars
and a big

This is a highly

item and is available on

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