Friday, January 6, 2017

DII Microfiber Women's Hair Wrap

DII Women's Microfiber, Machine Washable, Perfect for College Dorm, Pools, Gyms, Beaches, Locker Rooms, Bathroom, Shower Hair Wrap, Hair Towel, Set of 3, Lattice Gray

These microfiber wraps, match the bath wrap that I reviewed yesterday!

I love how these keep my head warm in my drafty home when I get out of the shower. Perfect until I get to the hair dryer, they absorb most of the water from your hair when wet.

Simply place your head, bent forward, with your hair pulled toward your face. Place your head in the opening of the large end. Slide your hair into the wrap. Grab hold of the smaller end and twist a couple of times. Grab the hidden elastic loop at the back of your head and bring it over and around the button on the small end. And just like that, you have a water absorbing turban.

I have been using this style of hair wraps (turbans) for years. Perfect for very short, or for very long, hair. I don't get in the shower until my bath wrap, and hair wrap are on the stool beside my shower. Ready for me to keep warm and get dry!

You can find these hair wraps on here. A set of three retails for $11.99.

I give these 5 Stars!

A Big Thumbs Up!
And my Highly Recommended Award!

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