Thursday, January 5, 2017

Old Spice Body Cleansing Duo for Men

Old Spice Body Cleansing Duo for Men

Ladies, if you love your man to smell good, then you need to purchase this for him!

This great bath, or shower, cleanser for men is totally awesome! The scent, well, is Old Spice. Which I happen to love! (Reminds me of the scent my Grandpa used to wear.) Now, instead of just a scent, this is a cleaner!

The hexagon shaped buff comes with a hanging cord so that your man can hang it up when done, to dry, and be ready for the next shower, bath.

One side of this amazing shower/bath buff is rough, for exfoliating all those dead skin cells. The other is soft for those delicate areas.

Perfect for the working man in your life!

The unique, sudsing cleaner is sandwiched between the layers.

And the cleanser is enough for up to 30 showers/baths. Leaving your man, soft, and clean, with a manly scent.

You can find it on here. The price is very reasonable, considering that the buffer can last up to a full month before needing to be replaced.

NOTE: For you gentlemen out there, I know I geared this toward getting the lady in your life to purchase this for you, but why not get it for yourself, and treat your lady to your handsome, good smelling self?

I give this product...
Five Stars...

a Big Thumbs Up!

I also give it my

Highly Recommended Award!

DISCLAIMER: The above product was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for a fair and impartial review. The above opinion(s) are solely of those of the author of this blog. 

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