Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool Deodorant

Tom's of Maine
Wicked Cool Children's Deodorant

This is an awesome deodorant (does not contain aluminum, parabens or artificial fragrance), and is perfect for your tween to teen. Wicked Cool scent is an almost bubble gum like scent which your child is sure to love. It is gentle and not harsh as many adult deodorants are, which means if your kid is funky smelling, they may need to apply it more than once a day.

This does not contain an anti-perspirant, so don't look for your sweaty child not to have wet rings under their arms if they tend to be sweaty. But do look for them not to develop acne due to clogged sweat glands!  A huge plus!

I may not be a tween, but I've been using it for a week now, to try it out, and I love it. Glides on smooth and dry. No white marks on my clothing. And hey, after all, who says a Granny can't smell like bubble gum now and then?

Comes with 6 deodorant sticks, for $28.44. Enough for 3 to 6 months of smell 'em good for your tween. You can purchase Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool on here.

I give this five stars.
A big thumbs up.
And highly recommended.

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