Sunday, January 29, 2017

Levi Strauss Signature Skinny Jeans for Women

Levi Strauss Signature Skinny Jeans for Women
80% Cotton, 18% Polyester, 2% Elastane

I guess I wasn't paying attention to the waistline of these jeans when I ordered them. I am NOT a hip hugger kind of gal. I enjoy, what my daughters refer to as, Mommy jeans. The kind that come up to my natural waist line. So these, nice as they are, had one check mark against them before I even put them on.

Determined to give them a chance, I did wear them for the whole day. They were delightfully comfortable. And had enough stretch that they didn't pinch, or bind, at the waist line. The color is good. (I had jeans that look striated after washing as so many stretch jeans do!) These retained their look, even after two washings!

I wear jeans with dressy blouses and blazers to work, so I am a little picky about them. I prefer them a bit longer, especially in the winter. But these will be great in summer with heels or sandals. For now, I am wearing them tucked into my boots for warmth. Not a bad look for winter!

I give these jeans five stars.

A big thumbs up.

And I highly recommend them.

They can be found on here. They are on sale for $23.99 right now.

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